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Mâcon Saint Gengoux Rouge

Mâcon Saint Gengoux Rouge

Color: Red

Buissonnier range

The Vineyeard

This wine comes from Gamay grapes. This vineyard extends about 10 hectares over 18 communes surrounding Saint Gengoux le National. Exposure to sun varies from south to south-east.

Calcareous soil with high limestone content. The terrain is rocky and dominated by white stones.

Aging Process

Aged exclusively in vats.

Tasting Notes

A red colour with purplish glints, this fruity wine (small red fruits) has spicy hints giving way to prune with animal overtones as it matures. This wine does not hold back. It is meaty with supple tannins. A gourmet pleasure!


Ideal with charcuteries (meat dishes, ham, pâtés,…), or fibrous, roasted, or grilled meats (blood sausage with apples, pork chops, steak), tapas, and soft cheeses.


Best consumed within three years of its harvest.

Serving temperature between 16 and 18°C

Volmes Available

Available in bottle and magnum bottles

Download the tasting sheet (french)