Bourgogne Aligoté

The Vineyard

The Bourgogne Aligoté is made entirely from the Aligoté grape. Our parcels of Bourgogne Aligoté are located mainly between Buxy and Saint-Gengoux-le-National, at thebottom of the hills. The soil is often covered with scree and rock, which allow the grapes to achieve full maturity. The grapes are grown in calcareous soil of the Côte Chalonnaise

Aging Process

The making of Bourgogne Aligoté takes place entirely in stainless steel vats so as to preserve its freshness and liveliness.

Tasting Notes

A very fresh wine, usually with a pale gold colour with bright glints. The nose opens with floral and fresh fruity hints. It is soft and aromatic in the mouth. It often has white floral and hazelnut aromas. A gourmet wine for drinking young!


An aperitif wine, which is often mixed with blackcurrant liqueur to make the famous cocktail, kir bourguignon. By itself, it is an excellent accompaniment to charcuteries, omelettes, or fish cooked in sauce. Its liveliness and its slight citrus flavour pairs well with the saltiness of oysters of seafood as well as with goat cheese.


Best consumed within three years ofits harvestServing temperature between 11 and 13°C.

Volumes Available

Available in bottle and half bottle