Bourgogne Pinot Noir

The Vineyard

This wine is made exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape.The grapevines are situated between Buxy and Saint Gengoux le National and are generally grown midway up the hillside. The soil is very shallow and ventilated. The heavily pebbled earth is ideal for the Pinot Noir.These grapes are grown from calcareous soil with high limestone content on the Côte Chalonnaise. The slopes are gentle and face towards the east and southeast.

Aging Process

The wine is aged first in stainless steel vats, then in oak barrels or casks. How long the wine is aged in casks depends on the vintage.

Tasting Notes

Sa robe présente une bonne intensité, et des nuances rubis. Il offre une palette impressionnante d’arômes dominés par la griotte, les fruits rouges. Avec quelques mois, des notes fumées et de cuir apparaissent. Sa structure comporte un bel équilibre et un tanin bien fondu permettant de l’apprécier jeune tout en lui assurant un vieillissement aisé.


Meats cooked in sauce or grilled, such as a choice charolais filet, a burgundy fondue and strong cheeses (époisses, coulommiers...). With several years aging, it can be an excellent accompaniment to lamb, duck, and game.


Best consumed seven years following its harvest.Serving temperature between 16 and 18°C.Available in bottle, half bottle, and magnum bottles.

Volumes Available

Available in bottle, half bottle, and magnum bottles.