Givry Blanc

The Vineyard

Located on the Côte Chalonnaise, south of Burgundy, the Givry region produces primarily red wines, but there are also parcels, exposed east to southeast, that produce whites. The Givry whites are madefrom Chardonnay grapes.The grapes are grown on calcareous soil. The subsoil is composed primarily of limestone.

Aging Process

The wine is aged exclusively in stainless steel vats.

Tasting Notes

A clear, light gold colour, early hints of lemon and honeygive way to the full Chardonnay fruit. A good aromatic persistence and harmonious taste of white peaches, combined with hazelnut, with spicy hints. This is a fresh, tasty wine.


Excellent with fish (fish stew, wrapped fish, salmon on toast or tuna terrines), white meat (poultry, chicken in puff pastry) and cheeses: goat cheese, bleu cheese, Comté or Brillat-Savarin.


Best consumed within five years following harvest.Serving temperature between 11 and 13°C.

Volumes Available

Available in bottle